Kool Investment – A Perfect Way to Financial Freedom!


About Us.

How could it be possible even though we are just some few years in existence, however we have been able to assist over 200 Parents in different Schools to pay their children’s school fees over 100 School Owners generate Capital to pay their staff’s salaries without default.


Our Focus

To reduce poverty to its barest minimum, become an agent of change and sustainable development in the society and improve the general standard of living through nation building in morality, health and creativity.

For Entrepreneurs

Kool Investment Package pay you every month on any of the investment plan you go for.

For Parents:

Kool investment Package will merge all your earnings for 3 months to pay for your wards school fee for each term.

For School Owners

Koolinvestment Package will merge all your earnings for months to pay your staffs on time at the speculated time for Salaries

For Pensioners

Koolinvestment Package will pay you 15% of your investment for life.


Our Car & Travel Plan

Drive Your Dream And Tour The Whole World As You Like.
Your Dream Mecedez Benz Car

Drive The Car of Your Dream

Special World Tour

Travel The World


Our Investment Plan

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Bronze : N38,000

Monthly Interval : Return

1st Month : N5800

2nd Month : N6500

3rd Month : N8000

4th Month : N11,600

5th Month : N11,600

6th Month : N11,600

7th Month : N11,600

8th Month : N12,300

9th Month : N38,000

Total : N117,000

Bronze : N45,000

Monthly Interval : Return

1st Month : N6800

2nd Month : N8740

3rd Month : N9500

4th Month : N11,360

5th Month : N11,360

6th Month : N11,360

7th Month : N11,360

8th Month : N14,520

9th Month : N45,000

Total : N130,000

Gold : N135,000

Monthly Interval : Return

1st Month : N20,400

2nd Month : N24,000

3rd Month : N26,220

4th Month : N34,800

5th Month : N34,800

6th Month : N34,800

7th Month : N34,800

8th Month : N36,900

9th Month : N135,000

Total : N381,720

Diamond : N315,000

Monthly Interval : Return

1st Month : N41,300

2nd Month : N49,000

3rd Month : N57,000

4th Month : N60,800

5th Month : N60,800

6th Month : N60,800

7th Month : N60,800

8th Month : N74,500

9th Month : N315,000

Total : N780,000

Platinum : N675,000

Monthly Interval : Return

1st Month : N50,600

2nd Month : N76,760

3rd Month : N82,000

4th Month : N89,000

5th Month : N89,000

6th Month : N89,000

7th Month : N89,000

8th Month : N111,700

9th Month : N675,000

Total : N1,352,000


Investment : Return

N1,000,000 : N1,800,000

N2,000,000 : N3,000,000

N5,000,000 : N7,500,000


Why select us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Daily Pay

We dont wait till month to pay our members. We pay daily

Multiple Profit

There are multiple ways of making profit for our members.

Selling Not a Must

Selling not compulsory. You earn profit either you sell or not.

Free Intnl. Trip

Free world tour is part of incentives. Our top members get travelling incentives.

Free Food Product

We also give free food products to our members.

Transferable to Children

The account is transferable to children.

Start your journey with us now



Read below what people are saying about our services. The lady in the pics below has made as much as N500,000 from investing with us. And she has started another businesses with her profits.


Our Mission.

Our mission is to create a sustainable economy by providing financial liberty and reduce poverty, provide good quality life, improve businesses and create economy that is environmentally sound and socially responsible through our innovative methods, we provide appropriate solutions.


Our Vision.

To provide financial solution by providing alternative form of investment. Expanding richness of human life through our investment strategy cutting across all age group, ethnicity and gender.